Reuse of data

All data accessed through the DATICE repository can be used free of charge, provided that its use is for non-profit purposes.

Researchers, students and teachers from any field, institution, company or country may download data from the DATICE repository. Before downloading, all users must agree to DATICE's Terms of Use. Most of the datasets in the repository are subject to the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 which grants the right to use, share and customize the data provided that:

  • The dataset is cited (DOI number of the dataset included in the citation).
  • A link to the description of the CC-BT-NC-SA 4.0 license is provided (
  • All changes made to the data and documentation are clearly specified and described.
  • When the data is modified, or adapted, in any way, it should be re-distributed under the same license as the original dataset; i.e. the use of the adapted dataset by others may not be prevented in any way, either by technical or legal means.

When data from the DATICE repository is used for teaching purposes, students are required to download the data themselves via the DATICE Dataverse, whereby each student accepts the DATICE Terms of Use.